Getting Around

A few tips for places to stay and how to move around Lisbon.

Where to stay

The geography of GafieiraLX Festival

Lisbon has an enormous array of options from cheap to upmarket hostels, modern and old fashion guesthouses, boutique hotels, airbnb apartments and so on…no matter what your budget is we highly recommend you to stay in Lisbon’s historical area. Its central, its charming and you would be close to all the festival’s venues.

A good way of finding a place to stay in Lisbon is using the website or the mobile app (available at the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android), and apply its filters and its map option. First type the dates you wish to stay in Lisbon, then apply filters such as price range and property type. uses a particular geographic criteria to describe the properties location. The top 5 areas that we recommend are: Misericórdia, Santo Antonio, Santa Maria Maior, Estrela and Arroios. You may also click on the map option and the results will be shown over the map of Lisbon. Through this mapping perspective you should look for options towards the river and the city center. We created a map for you to start developing a sense of familiarity with the geography of GafieiraLX Festival. In this map we highlight the location of the festival’s venues as well as the area we suggest you should look for accommodation according to the geographical criteria of app.

Arriving in Lisbon

The airport is located right inside the city. How cool is that?

The airport of Lisbon is located right inside the city allowing a short and cheap fare to get to the city center (it also gives you beautiful views of Lisbon while landing). Metro trains allow convenient access to downtown (€1.90, 20 minutes to the center, frequent departures from 6:30 am to 1am).

The AeroBus (€3.50) departs every 20 minutes from 7am to 11pm, while a taxi to the city center will cost around €15 and take around 15 minutes. If you wish to take an Uber you should exit the airport through the departures main entrance and go to the parking lot immediately in front where Ubers are allowed to operate. An Uber ride to the city center will cost around €10.

How to move around

Metro, tram, bus, train, taxi or even bike. You choose.

The Metro, Tram and Train system starts at 6am and finishes at 1am. We recommend that you by a Viva Viagem card €0.50 from metro-station kiosks and add credit such as €5. Each ride will then deduct €1.50 per trip from the card for trams, buses and metro and €1.35 for suburban trains (Cascais line) that goes from Cais do Sodré station until Belém station where is located Espelho d’Água – our Friday and Saturday venues. Click at the Train + Metro map system for more info.

Taxis in Lisbon are reasonably priced and plentiful. The fares on the meter should read €3.25 (daytime flag fall). You will be charged extra for luggage and an additional 20% for journeys between 9pm and 6am. You can call Taxis de Lisboa +351 21 811 9000 or +351 96 953 1660.

Uber operates quite well in Lisbon and prices are generally cheaper than taxis. We highly recommend to share an Uber. It is probably the easiest and cheapest way to move around.

Uber Bikes (JUMP)
Uber on-demand electrical bikes is a brand new thing in Lisbon, they are red and you now find them all over town. All you need is to have the same old Uber application that you most likely already have. Prices are 15 cents per minute. Click here for more info.